04 October 2011

New industry tag line? We like it!

What’s in a name? The crew at Photonics Media obviously know the value of the right words. “Light Matters” is an excellent name for their video series on photonics news, and their tagline -- “It’s only five minutes to enlightment” -- is great as well.

So my colleagues and I were particularly pleased to read Group Publisher Karen Newman’s comments about the name of the annually organized pavilion in the SPIE Optics + Photonics exhibition that celebrates the contributions of the field. It’s also our blog’s name, of course, and is shared by a series in the SPIE Professional member magazine -- newly open access starting this month.

In her editorial published yesterday, Karen wrote, “Photonics for a Better World. I like the sound of that. I think it could be a great tag line for the industry.” We couldn’t agree more, and urge you to read Karen’s write-up about the life-enhancing photonics applications featured in the pavilion last August in San Diego.

Sustainable energy, earlier disease detection, green entrepreneurship, clean water, improved prosthetic devices, radars for on-the-field head injury assessment … photonics offers all this and much, much more. Take a look at the SPIE Professional series, and browse the posts below.What solutions are you creating with photonics?

Here's looking at you ... Ryan Hannahoe (Montana State University) shared astronomy with visitors to the Photonics for a Better World pavilion at SPIE Optics + Photonics last August.

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